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Training & Seminars

M.I.S. of America, Inc. offers 2 sets of Training Courses,
the 1 Day program and the 5-day, 30 Hour DEC Program.

one day seminars
Boiler and Cooling Water treatment explained in laymens terms:
• Basic Water Quality
• Testing Procedures
• Cycles of Concentration
• Scale Control
• Corrosion Control
• Pretreatment System
• Softeners
• Deaerators
• Dealkalizers
• Reverse Osmosis
• Cooling Water Programs
• Closed Loop Treatment
• Legionella Management
* Rectification credits Available- 6.5 Hours for NYSDEC 7G hours for P.E.
* Recertification credits are also available for individual days of the 5 day seminar.

Upcoming Seminars:
Cooling Water Treatment Program
Including ASHRAE 188P
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one day seminars
These classes are designed to prepare and qualify the candidate for the NYSDEC Core Exam and 7G exam:

Monday and Tuesday
• Core Manual is explained chapter by chapter
• Take home review and practice quizzes
• Study hints in each chapter

Wednesday and Thursday
• 7G Manual is explained
• Highlighters and Page tabs provided
• Each chapter is explained in detail
• This is an open book exam

• Finish Core Manual
• Recertification credits are also available each day
Mon-Thurs Core Credits
Wed-Thursday 7G Credits
Friday Core & 7G

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